Life Without God is Meaningless – Ecclesiastes 1:2-11

     “Vanity of vanities! All is vanity.” People never get anywhere from all their hard work. They never reach state of completion in industry, development, invention, or improvement. Just like nature around us, mankind is also locked in a circle of repetition. BIRTH – GROWTH – WORK – DEATH, and the cycle repeats itself with no change. No matter what a person accomplishes, it will never change for him. The efforts of any man are imperfect, flawed, and ultimately unsatisfying and pointless because of one unavoidable fact:  Nothing is ever actually “finished”. He will always want more. The mouse-wheel of the human experience is empty, with no end and no state of wholeness, maturity, or universal satisfaction. No one ever alters this human cycle. The bleakness of the sin condition is real, and it has been this way ever since the beginning.

     When it comes to the ways and ends of mankind, there truly is nothing new. The experiences we have, the feelings we feel, the impulses, the addictions, the drives, the lusts, the needs, the dreams – they are never different in essence. So what they produce is always the same thing, just in different forms. A world with only this pointless repetition is empty, desolate, and frustrating. A person with limitless resources could indulge in everything, looking for satisfaction and finality. But he would never find it.

     Only God can save a person from such a cycle or torment. Through the power of God, a man can wake from his nightmare of futility. He loses interest in playing by the rules of impulse and pride. He learns to give himself to his purpose and responsibilities for God’s sake, in the fear of the Lord. A life that is “normal” is meaningless. All a person can experience and perceive apart from God is empty. Yet with God in the middle of anything, the meaningless vanity becomes something of substance. It is redeemed. It is born again. It is given life everlasting. That is a miracle.
by Robert Harris and Jason Burke