Remote Island Ministries is sponsored by Victory Baptist Church centered in the Republic of Palau. It is overseen by Jesus through the labor of Pastor Glen Knight. The goal of Remote Island Ministries (R.I.M.) is to share the good news of Jesus to the people who live in this region using the following effective strategies:
•Share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people who live in remote areas.
•Provide some basic human needs.
•Train local men and women for the ministry.
•Place men and women in these areas to lead in the formation and growth of new congregations.
•Provide some basic church support.
Recent Newsletters:
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The Nativa
The Nativa set out in 2007 with a purpose to take the message of Jesus to Remote Islands in the region of the island of Mindinao at the southern end of The Philippines.  In 2017, the vessel relocated to Palau to break new ground.  Nativa carries spiritual supplies such as trained preachers, trained musicians, trained ministers to children, Bibles, and Vacation Bible School programs as well as building supplies, farming supplies, medical supplies, clothing and food. This vessel has been an agent of God’s Love in a powerful way. Hundreds of people have already begun their journey with God because Nativa brought the Good News to them.
Humanitarian Aid

R.I.M. understands the spiritual needs of the people that are affected by the ministry. But they also are well aware of the physical needs. The Bible says in the book of James, “And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit? Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.” Therefore it is important to compassionately respond with help where the needs are known.


Project Pitoy – There is a boy in the remote village of Linusotan nicknamed “Pitoy” which roughly translates into “Naked Boy”. He is spirited and full of curiosity. Everyone in the village knows who he is. But his name reminds us of one of the first priorities of all human life… clothing. Churches have stepped up and collected suitable clothing and have begun shipping them to R.I.M. from the United States. Many of God’s beautifully created people who were once in rags, now are able to wear new clothing and no longer live in shame.

Water Wells & Filtration – Infants and children have difficulty with survival if their water supply is corrupted or non-existent. Water-borne illnesses are frequently the cause of many childhood deaths in these remote areas. R.I.M. is responding to this need by bringing new technology of self-sustaining water-filtration systems and quality engineered water wells and pumps. The impact has yet to be charted on these acts of grace, but no doubt this will add to the health of these precious little ones.

Medical and Hygiene – There are basic medical needs that can be addressed through R.I.M. Simple over-the-counter medicines, bandages, and preventative care are being supplied. Other assistance has been brought to those who are suffering such as the changing of dressings and the treatment of wounds. Instruction for better hygiene and helpful products for this are being passed along and utilized by the people.

Food – Even in beautiful tropical islands people go without food. One of the main staples of the South Pacific diet is rice. In recent years the price of this important item has risen. R.I.M. has taken large bags of rice and other fundamentally nutritional foods to those in need. These gifts are always received with great joy and gratitude, and are given by unconditional love.

Education – While not presently equipped to tackle the job of educating the villages, R.I.M. is working hand-in-hand with local educators to provide books and other supplies for the children. Learning to read and being taught math, science, and language skills is an experience the wonderful people in the remote islands deeply desire. Books, crayons, workbooks, and other materials are gladly distributed when they are available.

As long as God allows R.I.M. to operate in this region humanitarian relief will be an important part of the work.